Why a blog? .... for Seniors?

Well why not?  People think that Seniors just know what to do when they reach "Senior" age-- you know the age when you get free coffee at Hardee's-- save 10-15% at the grocery store and all that great stuff!!! hey sounds good to me and I am only 25 days from 41!

Well it isn't that easy.  My name is Travise S and I work with seniors every single day and I absolutely love love love my job--- while loving my job-- I see serious challenges in the education of seniors and their families.  Not lack of "smart"-- simply lack of "being told" what next or how to or what does this cover or how does this benefit work.  Now keep in mind.. I don't know it all and never would pretend to, but as a Senior Solutions Advisor for the largest hospice provider in the state of South Carolina and one of the largest assistant living, primary care, pharmacy & rehab options available to South Carolinians-- I beg to say I may be able to get you the answer you need. 

Some would say...well most Seniors do not read blogs or may not be online.  I would say...hmmm they may not be, but their caregivers are online and many times those are the people I am dealing with on a daily basis.  I am here to help-- take the time to check back to the blog or better yet simply subscribe so you can keep up with what is going on.  Tell me if you know someone who needs help-- and I can help them-- but don't just tell me who needs help, also let me know if I can answer a question for you!