Thursday, February 26, 2015

Education. Information. Invitations- @Agape_Senior Rock Hill, SC March 2015 mailers on the way out! Save a tree email me also available.

EDUCATION. INFORMATION. INVITATIONS.                                                 
Hard to believe that it is already March-- ok in the mailing world it is.  As I sit here and hand address envelopes to mail out tomorrow so they are received by March 1, I can't but help think about the people that will open these mailers.  Some will read each and every line, some will skim and some will toss the entire envelope.  I think about the age ranges-- cause at my age 41-- I would possibly skim-- my father at 63 would read over it almost word for word over the entire month and my brother at the age of 26 would toss the entire envelope.  Funny how information is important at different ages to us.  I hope that the people who need this information and need to be at these events will read and make a conscious decision to call if they need something and come to an event that may be helpful to them!!! Let me know if you would like to save a tree and be added to the EMAIL list or if you woulke for me to mail you information on what @AgapeSenior is doing in March