Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ask for @Agape_Senior by name-- just ask and if they say no-- call me so I can doublecheck!!

Ya'll know I love the kitchen table talks with families cause it offers COMFORT for the patient, family and anyone involved.  I know like most people when you come to my house and sit down and talk to me...it means so much more.

I talked to a family who had a patient in a skilled nursing facility that was in need of hospice services-- they said they were totally shocked when they were told that all they had to do was "Ask for Agape by Name".  Most if not all local facilities have contracts with Agape Senior and we can come in and take care of your loved one inside Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Independent living etc.   Just call me and let me know where you are...and we can go from there and DOUBLECHECK!

Also if you ever want to schedule a home visit-- I can come over and we talk about Medicare, Rehab, hospice, living wills and so much more!! Get the education you need NOW-- instead of later under a lot of emotional stress!

Call 803 329 4544 ask for your personal Senior Solutions Advisor Travise Smith