Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Home Care and @Agape_Senior can work hand in hand- #AskforAgapebyname

I was having a conversation with a family the other day that currently has home care aides coming in for non-medical assistance in the home.  The home care aide works for one of the local agencies and provides companionship, some light housekeeping and meal preparation. 

We talked about a few gaps in the schedules, but she kept reminding me that at this time $$ wasn't available to fill in the gaps.  She was watching her father decline with his congestive heart failure and didn't know what to do.  I asked if she had thought about hospice.  She said we did, but we don't want to give up the home care aide to bring in a hospice person to work for a couple hours a day.  I said wait-- and repeated what I heard.  She said exactly-- that is what I have been told in the past. What  great opportunity to EDUCATE her about what hospice really meant and how it is a covered benefit under Medicare.  The Hospice benefit allows for a C.N.A. to come in for up to two hours a day, access to a social worker, a chaplain, volunteers and a Registered Nurse once a week and best of all access to a MD 24:7.

I met with the home health agency manager and she also was unaware of the option.  After talking and everyone understanding we admitted the patient and both the Home Care agency & @AgapeSenior were able to work hand in hand to take care of the patient and the entire family! 

When you hear the word hospice- Ask for Agape by name!

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