Thursday, July 9, 2015

Let's chat before you get behind the 8ball! #hospice @Agape_Senior #agingparents #Senior @Aplaceformom

Behind the 8 ball! No one wants to be behind the 8 ball, but so many times that is exactly where people are when I talk to them.  I try to position people (you) in the best place possible, but people tend to wait until the situation becomes grave and all the decisions have to be made quick, fast & hurry.  I never want people to be in that situation and that is why you will always see me planning the NEXT education event—it is my goal to always Engage, Educate & Encourage you with every event that I sponsor.  It isn’t just about having an event—it is about educating you on the next step in your CARE PLAN for your loved one. Whether it be keeping them in the home, keeping them independent, learning more about rehab, hospice or any other options.  I will NOT have all the answers, but I have access to resources and would love to put you in the best possible place to make the best decisions NOW instead of LATER!!!

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