Sunday, February 15, 2015

@Agape_Senior MEDSERV FREE Chair Yoga for BETTER BREATHERS! COPD + Asthmatics + PTSD + Emphysema + bronchitis

February 26, 2015 4:30-5:30pm MedServ 420 South Herlong Ave sSe 102. Rock Hill 29732
This is open to anyone who may have "breathing issues"- COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, Ashtmatics, Emphysema, PTSD-
The Better Breathers Club meets on the 4th Thursday of every month and for the February class they will be having Betsey Williams teach participants to do a few Chair Yoga exercises- deep breathing exercises & meditation.
When you are diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), your life can be greatly impacted. The disease causes difficulty in remaining healthy and independent, in major part due to complicated breathing. This strain on health is often compounded by the inability to exercise properly. However, there is a way to get all the benefits of exercise without exacerbating your COPD symptoms: chair yoga.
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Check out these four reasons yoga is a great exercise option for those with COPD, provided by YouYoga:

  • Yoga is about breathing: The power of breath is one of the core principles in any yoga class. This concept is parallel to the breathing techniques taught during COPD treatment. The practice teaches you to control your breath and use it to help build lung capacity.
  • Yoga is about movement: Yoga helps your mind and body work together, syncing breath and movement. Exercise at its most basic level is simply movement, thus, yoga is a great way to build your body’s strength. It is powerful enough to condition your body, but easy enough if you have not been exercising regularly.
  • Yoga is self-adjusting to your condition: You do not need to be young and limber to benefit from yoga. The practice has the ability to adjust to you and your body, no matter your age, strength or current health condition.If you have not been exercising regularly, begin with Chair Yoga. You can find helpful video yoga workouts online or at your local library to practice at home. Or you can search for a Chair Yoga class at a studio in your community.
  • Yoga is about community: Those with COPD often benefit from social, supportive surroundings. Yoga classes provide a community of people who are exercising and learning to better control their mind, body and breathing. If you suffer from COPD, consider yoga as a way to minimize its impacts. It can also improve your quality of life and help preserve your independence.
Remember to always talk to your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine. For more ways to stay healthy with COPD.