Monday, February 16, 2015

Women 60+ are twice as likely to get dementia as breast cancer. Share w/ every woman you know- @ALZassociation #mustfindacure @Agape_Senior

I read this story and had to copy so you can see it-- EYE OPENER for me-- Another EYE OPENER for many is that they are not even aware that some stages allow for Hospice to be a part of the plan of care for the patient & the family.  The only way to get answers is to ASK questions.  In box me your questions, concerns and or let me know if I can do anything for you anywhere in South Carolina.

Straight from Stone Health News & The Guardian

 An MRI scan of a human brain. Women over 60 are now twice as likely to get dementia as breast cancer. Photograph: Alamy
Women are bearing the brunt of the dementia epidemic that is spreading through Britain. A study by Alzheimer’s Research UK reveals that the condition has not only become the leading cause of death among British women but that women are far more likely to end up as carers of sufferers than men – suffering physical and emotional stress and job losses in the process.
“Women are carrying the responsibility of care for their loved ones, only later to be living with the condition,” states the report, entitled Women and Dementia: A Marginalised Majority. “Women are dying from dementia but not before it has taken a considerable toll on minds and bodies. In the UK, dementia hits women the hardest.”

The study, to be published next month, calls for the government to make a significant increase in its funding of dementia research and an improved investment in care. It also reveals that:
More than 500,000 women are now affected by dementia. About 350,000 men have the condition.
■ Women over 60 are now twice as likely to get dementia as breast cancer.
■ Women are more than two-and-a-half times more likely than men to be carers of people with dementia.
■ Most carers do not choose or plan to take on this role and often find the experience highly stressful.