Friday, March 20, 2015

They thought it was too early to look at #hospice because he was up and moving - not true-

So many times when I talk to families they don't want to think about hospice until people are almost non responsive!  You know the same time you hear "They are calling the family in to say goodbye"- that is not what hospice has to be about-- hospice can come in much earlier than "just the end"

Hospice is about QUALITY of LIFE--& SUPPORT!
Hospice patients can be active and feeling good, and still receive the benefit. We encourage patients to access hospice care as soon as they’re told there is no longer a possibility of cure. Even though they may be feeling physically well, especially after difficult treatments are halted, there is great benefit in signing up for hospice care early, before physical symptoms take over. Early admission allows patients and family members the opportunity to work through the emotional, social, and spiritual matters in their lives, so they are prepared to cope with the tremendous changes that are ahead. Families become comfortable with and learn to trust the hospice team before those especially trying times, making the road easier to travel.