Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cirrhosis of the liver "alcohol induced" qualifies for #hospice everyone has the right to DIGNITY! @Agape_Senior

He literally drank himself until his liver shut down and he died. 

A volunteer came to me to explain she had a friend of the family who was suffering from cirrhosis of the liver-- she kept interr
upting me to say he had "drank himself into this problem"-- I told her it was still a terminal diagnosis that was hospice appropriate.  You see what she wasn't understanding is that EVERYONE has the right to die with dignity in a place they decide, as pain free as possible and with whom ever they want to be around them in this time -- This is part of the HOSPICE philosophy.  Death with dignity.  She had no idea that this was also a diagnosis that would qualify him for hospice.  We talked about it on Monday-- before she could get in touch with him-- he died without services.

If you have questions ask-- get ANSWERS  call 803 329 4544 ask for Travise