Sunday, May 17, 2015

Doctor's die also- studies show that MD would prefer NOT to have treatments, but just LIVE his life-- WOW! Interesting!

You know doctors die toooooo!  I was reading over a +Wallstreetjournal article from 2012.  Let me tell you about it-

Dr. Ken Murray was a well known orthopedist who found a lump in his stomach that turned out to be pancreatic cancer.  He went to see the best surgeon in the country, who had developed a procedure that could triple a patient's five-year-survival odds—from 5% to 15%—albeit with a poor quality of life.  He knew that the "poor quality of life" wasn't what he wanted to choose!

He went into his office closed up SHOP-- and decided to live his life to the fullest without any RADIATION- no CHEMOTHERAPY- not even SURGERY!

This is one of the things that doctors rarely like to talk about "death" -- for themselves or patients--statistics show that they know what the odds are...they know how treatments go and they tend to choose to LIVE out life as it is...vs. all the treatments that come along with the possible CURE--

During their last moments, they know, for instance, that they don't want someone breaking their ribs by performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (which is what happens when CPR is done right).

Hmmm-- Be sure you have made your decisions on CODE status!!!

Adapted from an article originally published on Zocalo Public Square