Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hospice gets a BAD wrap!! Life is a terminal illness-- we will all die unless the RAPTURE happens!

Hospice care has a bad PR image, not because we’re not good at what we do, but because people believe hospice takes care of people who are dying. Since we are a death denying society, no one wants to hear that they need hospice services. It is a misconception that hospice takes care of people who are dying. If it did everyone would be eligible for hospice care because everyone is dying. Life is a terminal illness. That said, who does hospice take care of? Hospice takes care of people the doctors are having a difficult time fixing; people the doctors probably can’t fix. What does hospice do? Hospice helps people LIVE the best they can within the confines that their disease and body has put them in. Call me-- let's talk 803 329 4544