Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hair salon trip turns into a hospice Thank You we found "Yes"- dialysis & hospice can go together! He died just as he wanted! @Agape_Senior

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While at the hair salon on Wednesday a lady came in that I recognized and she recognized me also-- I had come into her husband's hospital room last year to talk to her and the family about using hospice services.  The family was very reluctant to even hear what I said....not because of the word, but because they had just been let down by another hospice provider just moments earlier-

You see her husband was on dialysis 3 days a week and the other hospice told them that he would have to stop NOW to go on hospice services.  I excused myself to go and talk to the physician and get more details-- I came back and did some education and then I started to talk again what the services would look like.  I explained that Dialysis is a form of improving QUALITY of LIFE-- (exactly what hospice is supposed to do)

We brought this patient on services -- because we were able to ask more questions-- we were able to get more details-- she said he used his dialysis for a few more months-- and then two weeks before passing he decided to stop dialysis.  She remembered me saying to him that I wanted him to be able to sit on the porch, play with his grand children and ENJOY LIFE!!! She was able to tell me he did "just that"--  He died in his home-- as he wanted-- no more back and forth to the hospital.

She couldn't tell me enough how glad she was that I came in and EDUCATED them before jumping to a NO!!! We found the yes and it mattered to them!  She was glad she was able to say THANK you and to say that...the way I explained it was easy to understand and her family appreciated the EXTRA time I took to go ask questions!

Remember every hospice is not the SAME-- when you hear hospice Ask for Agape hospice by name!